We're Glad You're Here

What to Expect

You Will be Welcomed

     Community Baptist Church is a small church with a big heart.  You will meet people from the local community who share in the desire to serve God in different ways. With multiple ministries, there is a place for everyone who is called to serve.  

You Will be Inspired

     Our Sunday Worship service is a blend of both traditional and contemporary music where all can sing along to live music performed by talented vocalists, artists and musicians who play piano, guitar, percussion.

You will be inspired.

You Will be Filled with The Word of God

     The sermons are Bible based and well rooted in Holy Scripture.  Following the King James Version and American Baptist Doctrines the expository message is given in a way that is relevant and useful to our lives today.  You will be filled with The Word of God.

You Will find Friendship and Fellowship

     The people of Community Baptist are a welcoming people. You'll notice some of us come dressed casual in jeans and some come wearing more formal attire.   We are just regular people who love the Lord who are friendly and outgoing.  We enjoy good food and fellowship from time to time.   We pray for one another and try to do our best to always help each other out with whatever one of us is facing. We are good neighbors in our local community who serve a living God.  We support  our church and are engaged in supporting those in need, by following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Where to Start

Today is a Good Day to Serve The Lord

     We suggest you plan a visit to Community Baptist Church.  Plan to come a few minute early to become familiar with our facility. 

     We have plenty of off street parking and there is no long walk to the entrance and sanctuary.

You will be greeted at the door and receive a bulletin for the service including the announcements for the week.

     We have Bibles in each seat and a hymnal for you to use during Worship. 

     If you are new to Community Baptist, you will likely be personally greeted by the Pastor and one of the Deacons. who will welcome you.  Please let them know if there is any way our church can serve you. 

If you are seeking to join our church please let us know.  The Deacons and Pastor will be happy to meet with you.


Active Ministry

     Community Baptist Church offers many ways that each person can participate and serve in the church and our greater church community.  We have multiple ministries for you to be involved with, both in Community Baptist Church and the larger American Baptist Churches of NY and American Baptist Churches, USA.  We encourage everyone to participate and to be active in their walk of faith in God.