• Becky Wirehouse Worship Organist

Why Jesus is the Prince of Peace in My Life

Why Jesus is the Prince of Peace in my life

God has given us many gifts but the one that has influenced my life the most is the gift of music. Hans Christian Anderson said "where words fail, music speaks. Music is the universal language that can calm the soul, bridge a divide, express joy or sadness, and be a spiritual connection to God.

God had blessed me with the gift of playing the piano and I honor this gift by playing the piano at church. As the keyboardist and bell choir director, the spiritual fulfillment and joy it has brought to me over the years is indescribable. Christmas is the season when we think of Jesus as the Prince of Peace but for me, it is every time someone thanks me for the beautiful music or I see the joy on someone's face when they play a hand bell for the first time.

This year as we light the candles and sing about the Prince of Peace I hope you will be filled with the wonderment and joy expressed in the beautiful music..

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